Advanced Widegape

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The first hook to be added in the "Advanced" range all in packs of 10. Working alongside the best hook manufacturer in the world times change and things advance. In anything I do I always want the best, and I wanted a widegape pattern that would cover every situation. From weedy lakes in the UK to big snaggy lakes abroad.

Changing the steel from carbon steel to VanadiumX gives the hook 25% more strength across the board. Coming in sizes 3,4 and 5 both microbarbed and barbless has everything covered. The most asked question is about the resin eye...

Giving more protection when using braids on multi rigs ect and also taking away any possibility the eye can get caught in the landing net. If it stops 1 carp from getting its mouth damaged in the landing net I think it's worth it.


10 hooks per pack.