On-Point Hook Protection Pen

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OP - On-Point Hook Protection Pens
Our latest product are the OP pens. I wanted a product that was 100% natural and did the job better than others. The OP pens are easy to use ..
1) Twist the top of the pen until the white brush turns brown.
2) Coat the part of the hook you want protected.
3) Let it fully dry.
Once coated the hooks will be protected upto a year in storage on rigs or in hook boxes ect..
If you don't let it dry it won't work as it should, and it's totally odourless once dried.
100% Natural 
100% Sustainable 
No chemicals 
Environmentally friendly & Marine friendly 
Resistant to Acids, Alkalis & salts
1 pen should be good for around 2000 depending on the size