Jag Sharpening stone


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JAG SP Sharpening Stones
An ULTRA sharp hook is one of the biggest edges in modern specimen angling. It takes practice to sharpen hooks to perfection, but the biggest hurdle angler’s face is inadequate tools for the job.
This is why JAG Products have developed the SP (surgical point) Stones in 2 different grades. Used in conjunction with JAG’s Ultra Eye, hook points can be sharpened to a level far superior to ANY hook straight from the pack.
Fed up of throwing hooks and rigs away because they are blunt? NO MORE, simply re-sharpen the hook and the rig is better than new and you have saved a fortune on expensive rig materials ££££££.
Medium grade. Ideal abrasive for general sharpening.
Fine grade. Perfect abrasive for smaller hooks or final honing.


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