Another PB for team member Matthew Colgate

Another PB for one of our team members!!!! Matthew Colgate with a lovely common and mirror from an epic session with some extreme conditions!!! Here’s the full story from Matthew.

Well what can i say, i thought after the last session on north lake at elphicks i couldn’t better myself, especially with the conditions of this weekend. I originally planned to fish pullens lake which a few mates but unfortunately a couple had to drop out, hope you get better soon andy!, did friday night on pullens but it came to midday without a fish and the birds were diving on all 3 of my spots, so rang up up the office and was told north was empty and no one was booked on Saturday night, it took two hours of um’ing and r’ing but finally decided at 2.30 to move back into the swim i did well in 2 weeks previous.

After having got the rods back on the same spot, spomb over the top, at 9:30 i had the first take, my 3rd 30lb’er at 31lb 4oz (mirror pictured below), then woke up to a frozen lake, which was a first. it got to about 9am and id just put the kettle on and i heard one of the reels going, alarm was still frozen at this point, and after what only can be described as a torture 20-30 minute battle playing the fish with the rod tip under the water as i was afraid it would cut me off, i landed my biggest carp! a common of 38lb 1oz,just look at it! lake of dreams. to say im on cloud 9 at the min is an understatement. cheers mr cutts for the photos! J precision hooks doing the damage as always, and a2 baits nailing the 30lb mirror.

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